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    No bells and whistles here. Our straight-forward, streamlined solution connects your recruiting, marketing, and safety efforts and bundles six essential services to help you do what matters – find drivers, hire in record time, and manage DQF with greater ease.

  • Enjoy a flexible budget

    Don’t pay for what you don’t use.

    Small fleets need to compete with bigger carriers. They benefit from online tools and automation, but may not need them every month like those larger counterparts. With On Demand, you pay when you need it, and even when your dashboard is dormant, drivers can still find you & apply.

  • Pay today, start today

    Zero-day implementation period

    No set-up or wait time. When you give the word, our welcome email and user guide are delivered to your inbox within minutes. If you ever need additional training, our client service team will work with you to answer all your questions. It couldn’t be any easier.

Job Store

Tenstreet aggregates job posting sites for you, giving you one point of entry to over 20 job boards. We partner with popular job board vendors of varying price points to bring you a one-stop, fully integrated shop for all your job placements. With the time you save, you can turn your focus to more meaningful driver interaction. To learn more, click here.


A mobile-friendly, responsively compliant, pre-populating application that leverages the information of over 3.8 million active drivers to make it easier for applicants to apply to your company. In a recent Freightwaves survey, we asked just how important the presence of an IntelliApp is when applying to a carrier – 30% of drivers said it was extremely important and 35% of drivers said it was very important. Learn more here.


Join this incredible network and enjoy an 0.88 day turnaround on your employment verifications. 40% of verifications are completed over Xchange network, replacing the traditional time and labor intensive process with an automated, online solution, and make fax machines obsolete for good.

Focus Reports

Real-time, interactive reporting tools that help you advertise, process applications, and manage your drivers’ qualification files.

Pulse Video Chat

Use video call technology to communicate live or leave video messages with individual driver prospects, co-workers, or hired drivers.

Driver Qualification Files (DQF)

Unburden yourself from the mountainous stacks of paper and go digital. Your DQF Control Center reports missing/expired documents and makes complicated processes simple. Create custom alerts, request driver documents, and free yourself with stress-free, accurate file reporting.

Driver Pulse Mobile App

A driver-facing mobile app that lets drivers search for and apply to jobs, view their application status, and communicate and share documents with recruiters, making it easier for carriers to connect with top talent. Available on iOS and Android.

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5 Ways You Can Recruit Drivers & Save Time And Money

Download to see how Tenstreet On Demand can make a difference for your small fleet.

  • “As a one person Safety, Compliance, Recruiting, and HR Manager, I’ve gotten hours back in my work week by using Tenstreet On Demand. While our fleet continues to grow, the biggest winner has been my family.”

    Lee Koon, Director of Safety & Recruiting – Terminal Transport, Inc

  • “Before using the IntelliApp, we used a web application with complicated validation rules, making it challenging to obtain the required DOT data. It also didn’t offer a way to track driver application progress, so we couldn’t see where drivers were falling off. When drivers started asking for the IntelliApp by name, we looked into it and signed up. We have been thrilled with the results! It does everything our old application couldn’t and stores drivers’ information for them– making it quicker for them to complete and guaranteeing us more full applications.”

    Pamela Caraway, Director of Recruiting – TransAm Trucking

  • “Most of the time, the happiest moment you have with a vendor is when you first sign them on. It’s all downhill from there. But with Tenstreet, I found myself happier with you six months down the road than when we first signed on.”

    Otto Welch, VP Driver Recruitment and Academies – Swift Transportation

Pay this Month, Skip the Next


Small fleets are operationally different than larger driving fleets. They can still benefit massively from online tools and automations that make them more efficient and help them grow. The difference is, they don’t necessarily need these driver on demand tools every month.

That’s why we created Tenstreet On Demand, the truck driver on demand app solution for smaller fleets that lets you streamline your on demand driver recruiting, onboarding, marketing, and safety efforts. On Demand gives you 6 essential trucking industry business services to help you hire local truck drivers quickly, market efficiently, and manage paperwork easily.

The best part about our truck driver on demand app?  You only pay for these truck driver on demand app services when you need them. With our pay-as-you-go technology system, information will be waiting for you whenever you want to access it and won’t cost you a penny when you don’t.

Schedule a demo to learn about Tenstreet’s Truck Driver On Demand App Services!

The responsibilities and obligations of anyone who runs a small carrier have never been more numerous. Tracking everything from paperwork to individual driver performance while also balancing compliance and profitability can take its toll. Small fleet management software like Tenstreet’s provide your small organization with the resources of a big business.

Fleet management services for small businesses are designed to help busy carriers recruit, hire, and manage drivers with less resources. Small fleet management is complex, and when every vehicle makes a big difference to your bottom line, you need software that streamlines your processes at every stage.

Trucking software for small fleets can help every small business with efficiency, whatever their individual needs. As an entrepreneur, your biggest challenges and can hold you back from growing how you want to. Small business fleet management software can help. 

Fleet management services for small businesses like Tenstreet on Demand are designed to cover all the bases. 

Trucking software for small fleets can enhance a carrier’s operations by increasing the number of leads they receive for open positions, shortening their hiring cycle so drivers are on the road making money faster, protecting them from legal issues by helping keep driver documents updated, and more. With fixed costs like fuel rising, saving money in other areas is crucial for small fleets to get ahead.

Fleet management services for small businesses help employees who often wear many hats maintain better control over operations. The first step in figuring out how to use software to help fleet management for small businesses is identifying your areas of greatest inefficiency.

Establishing clear goals when you start using a new software help you to increase efficiency, reducing costs, and making your business a more profitable one.

Fleet management services for small businesses are crucial because building a trucking business from scratch has never been more difficult. This is a hyper-competitive landscape.

Attracting the brightest and the best to your organization is complex and challenging. Managing compliance alongside tricky supply chains is a challenge for even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs and former drivers.

Your growing business needs to contend with spiraling operational costs and rabid competition. Slow growth threatens the foundations of your business. Getting the most from your fleet now increases the likelihood that you will thrive.

So why give up a portion of your profits to invest in software for small fleets?

In short, because innovations like small fleet management software will help you make more money in the long run. It’s an investment that can repay itself many times over by saving you time and getting drivers on the road faster.

Tenstreet specializes in bringing carriers and drivers closer together. Using the power of networks and efficiency in processes and resources, Tenstreet can make its trucking software for small companies work for you.

Using fleet management services for small businesses gives you a better chance of survival and allows you to connect with a professional team that can identify areas of improvement.