Xpress Mobile Webinar


Now it's easier than ever before:

Did you know the Xpress dashboard is available as an app on your mobile phone? It's true - and it was made with you, the busy recruiter, in mind. 

Watch our webinar to learn about our recent improvements and get a thorough walkthrough of the app that will help make any recruiter's life easier, and ensure the time spent away from your desk is as productive as possible. 

Functionality includes:

  • mobile reports
  • real-time applications
  • status notifications
  • reminders and notifications
  • two-way messaging 
  • and more!

Updates include:

  • an enhanced user interface 
  • updated menu options
  • notification bell alerts you to your reminders and messages 
  • added security to allow you to stay logged in longer 
  • search makes it quicker and easier to get to drivers

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